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Welcome to the environmental excellence gateway. In this gateway you will find facts and suggestions to start building today a better and cleaner tomorrow. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to achieve a clean tomorrow. Environmental Excellence award you with a sense of self satisfaction on protecting the world. We all can achieve a clean planet with concrete actions such as saving energy, recycling and reforesting. But before we start talking about the multiple issues that attack our environment and ways to fix them or preventing them, is importance for you to understand what is the environment. Environment is everything that surrounds us, from the smallest seeds and insects to the biggest mammals that walk the earth. It involves all living and non-living things including us, the human beings. Unfortunately it is us, the ones causing the issues that aggravate our planet. Luckily people has become more and more aware of how serious the environmental issue really is and some are already working to change for the best.

Environmental Excellence will come face to face with the problems affecting our environment and give some useful tips to solve this issues, after all human are the ones responsible for upsetting the environment’s natural balance at such pace it does not have enough time to heal itself.

Topics like water pollution, land pollution, air pollution and global warming are rising a red flag, that we can not ignore anymore. Severe climate changes and resource depletion are solid proof that we need to make a change in the way we use our natural resources, the way we dispose our wastes, the way we relate and interact with our planet.

On the following pages you’ll learn about our environment, what’s endangering it and how to help maintaining it for our future generations. At Environmental Excellence gateway we are proud to advice you on different topics and tips to get you start on making that important change. On the following pages you’ll learn to become a better and helpful part of this environment, this is your gateway to a better future.